we’re here!

November 12, 2008

All my good intentions of writing about the move as it happened fell by the wayside with a combination of time running out and waiting for our broadband to come on here. We were blessed with wonderful weather for our first trip up the weekend before last – calm sea, beautiful sunshine, gentle breeze. We managed to unpack the hired van the first day, so the next day was spent putting up shelves and looking in amazement out of the windows at the sea! We’d woken early and spent a little time on the beach, looking at the sky and the rainbows and the hills of Mull over the water.

Back down to Kendal on the Tuesday to return the hired van and pick up Tansy the dog and our campervan (already packed up with more boxes and bits). Mad dash up to St Andrews where Alan was giving three distinguished lectures in quick succession on Thursday. Then back across to Oban on Friday ready for the last crossing for a while – I hope!

I took a week off for the move but of course a lot of the time was spent travelling so there’s still plenty to unpack and organise, and this week there’s twice as much work to fit in as well! I should be doing one or the other this evening, so for now these are some of our photos from the past week and a bit.

arriving in Tiree

1. approaching Tiree, 2. Scarinish pier, 3. Alan paddling, 4. house, 5. double rainbow over Crossapol, 6. view from the doorstep



  1. welcome to the islands Fiona, I was thinking of you and thought mother nature was being very kind to you, the view from your door is wonderful you are really close to the sea, you will have plenty of time to unpack with the long winter nights and then be ready to enjoy walks in the spring,
    best thoughts Frances,

  2. Greeting from Morecambe and congratulations on finding your ideal place to live. It looks absolutely divine.Keep up the good work with your fibre crafts as I am sure you will be able to find lots of inspiration on that beautiful island.
    Regards Sandie


  3. Fantastic! you made it! Hope you’re really enjoying that view and the whole settling in process… a place for everything 😀

    Keep warm
    Helen S

  4. Congratulations, what wonderful scenery, enjoy!

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