meeting the plane

November 20, 2008

Steve has come up from Cardiff for a week while he and Alan are working on a book about physicality in digital interaction, and we met him off the plane, the first time I had been down to the airport (the runway is just behind our house). It’s so tiny! And the plane was even tinier. Some flights are in a bigger plane but this was the Twin Otter, which I think has 18 seats, though there were only five passengers coming in today.

Alan will be flying when he goes to Dublin in December, but I don’t know yet when I may. But before too long, I hope. I love flying but I’ve only done it a few times and never on a small plane so I’m really looking forward to travelling on it one day.

It was interesting to see that the female and male passengers were called through separately for boarding. I guess they have a man doing the scanning and a woman doing the searching and then they swap, but I may be completely wrong!

There’s one flight a day from Glasgow (and back), around lunchtime, and it carries the post, so the last collection from the postbox just down the road is at 8.30am. I’ll try not to use this as an excuse for being late with birthday cards!

We are starting to get sorted out, slowly. We’ve got all the boxes out of the living room now, and I’ve more or less organised my office/art room (blogged on my other blog). Next to tackle are the useful cupboards – or at least they will be useful when all the random stuff I’ve dumped in them is sorted out and found a proper home.


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