November days

November 29, 2008

This was the busiest week so far. Steve and Alan got lots of work done on the physicality project and we enjoyed some very nice meals together, some here, one at Elephant’s End, and a couple at the Scarinish Hotel, where Steve was staying. Alan and I had also had Saturday breakfast at the newly opened Farmhouse Café at Balemartine and yesterday we went there again with Jackie (we bought our house from Jackie and Alun), for lunch, followed by a look round the house they’ve renovated and will soon be moving into. It’s a real labour of love and craftsmanship, and the views across Hynish Bay are fabulous.

In case it sounds as if we’ve done little but eat and work, we’ve also taken a break for a walk on the beach most days, through wind, rain and sunshine. (We mostly managed to dodge the hailstorms). The sky is so beautiful here. Almost all the time, there’s light somewhere.

Crossapol beach

Tansy likes running on the beach…


… but she’s not so sure about the wind! We’ve got her a coat to wear when it’s really blowy but we forgot it this time…

Tansy and boots

We saw Steve off at the airport on Thursday – this time it was the ‘big’ plane.

plane at Tiree airport

The hills of Mull are covered in snow now, and there’s a frost on the ground and ice on the puddles. The sound of the sea at night is huge when the sky is clear. Alan went out to take photos today, unfortunately I’d left the white balance set for tungsten light a few days ago, so they all came out rather blue – I played around with the warming filters in Photoshop for a while but in the end decided black and white was the best solution.

snow on Mull

We went to our first ‘event’ today – delicious afternoon tea provided by the Tiree Women’s Guild, just over the road in the resource centre. On the wall there was a wonderful big banner showing Tiree in a sea of blue, with knitted fields and aspects of island life in appliqué – I’d like to find out more about it one day. Life is very strange at the moment, in one way it feels as we’ve been here for ages, and yet much is still unfamiliar and we are still doing lots of things ‘for the first time’. But it will already be our fourth time in church tomorrow!


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  1. A lovely glimpse of your new life. Have people generally been welcoming?

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