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February 16, 2012

It’s been a while, but I guess the best way to get back into blogging, as with most things, is to just do it and not worry too much about how often.

We had a discussion at one of our church gatherings on Sunday about which beliefs are required to be a member of particular churches, and whether you can still be a member if you don’t share certain beliefs. Many of us are worshipping week by week together with one heart, perhaps, but very different thoughts. I think that’s the same in most congregations but perhaps it’s more extreme in a place like Tiree where a wide range of Christian traditions are represented in each worshipping community.

I’ve been thinking about this, trying to catch hold of the essentials that make up my faith. It seems to me that faith doesn’t have much to do with the kind of beliefs that we were talking about on Sunday – all the doctrines that the various churches hold dear, the credal statements. How can they be essential when all the churches interpret them differently?

So here’s my mini statement of faith. Like me, it’s a work in progress and maybe it will be different next year, or even next week…

Jesus has done, is doing and will do everything that is needed.
I do not need to understand or believe all the right things about how or why.
My part is simply to trust Him when he says that I’m forgiven.
All He asks of me is everything.
He will continually take me in a new direction, remake me, love through me and grow in me.
Where He leads I must follow.
His people shall be my people.
I live in a Kingdom whose only rule is to love without limits.
To love God with whole heart, whole soul, whole mind, whole strength.
To love my neighbours, who include strangers and enemies, as much as  I love myself, which must be as far as laying down my life.
I am loved like that by the One who made the stars.
When I welcome anyone, I welcome Him.
Children will show me how.
We are reborn into total dependence and wonder.
Grace is free and costs everything.
This is the best news and it is for sharing.