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Christmas shopping

December 7, 2008

Yesterday was the Christmas craft fair in An Talla, the community hall, with lots of handmade goodies made by local people. We bought some Christmas presents and some cards and a cushion, and met more people and chatted to some we’ve already met and even remembered some of their names! An Talla is just down the road from us, so we walked there in the wonderful winter sunshine.

I came home feeling inspired by all the creativity and finished some slippers I’ve been making for Alan, and made a little more felt as well.

Today has turned out wet and a bit windy, a complete change from the clear days we’ve been having. The muted colours of the machair and the sea under the greys of the sky are beautiful, rust and olive and bleached grass, the soft blue greens of the waves close to the shore and deep purpley blues out on the horizon.